Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the thought of spring cleaning??  

As much as we don’t want to start thinking about it, now that it’s warmer weather, the idea of “spring cleaning” starts creeping into our minds.  But where do we start?  If you’re looking for a guide of how to get moving and get motivated to clean out your home now that winter is done, look no further!  Here are Bobbi’s tips for making spring cleaning manageable:

  • April showers bring May flowers.  Well guess what, April showers also give you lots of time inside.  That means… CLOSET CLEANING!  Take everything out of your closets, empty every drawer of your dressers and go through it all piece by piece.  Looking at your clothes individually gives you the opportunity to decide if you really use it or need it.  If you didn’t wear it this winter, get rid of it!  While you have everything out of your closet and dressers, use it as an opportunity to vacuum and wipe everything down.  
  • Next, BATHROOMS.  Clean out the vanity drawers.  I cannot stress this enough.  You’ll be surprised how many medicines have expired, and if you’ve got make up in there from the 90’s, it’s time to get rid of it (FYI, I found makeup from the 90’s I needed to get rid of!).  
  • Once your bathroom is cleaned, it’s time to look at the things you don’t think about:  baseboards, ceiling fans, window sills, the inside of the windows and the screens.  Wipe them down and get the dust and grime off.  If you’re ambitious and want to wash the outside of your windows, it’s best to wait until the pollen count is down.  Once the pollen dies down, air the house out and let the fresh spring air in.  My favorite window cleaning product is Sprayway’s World’s Best Glass Cleaner used with newspaper.  Yes, that is right Newspaper!  I find that using paper towel to clean windows leaves lint behind, but using newspaper eliminates the lint.  
  • It is always a good idea to do things like change the batteries in the smoke detectors and also change the furnace filter this time of the year as well.  You are already working on house projects, so while you are at it, it’s a good idea to keep your home safe.
  • Last, but not least, it’s time for the GARAGE.  The garage totally overwhelms me, so I leave that to my husband.  By spring, we have a full collection of salt and sand in our garage and the cobwebs have taken over every corner, so my husband has become a pro at taking everything out of the garage and wiping the whole thing down!  He also does a great job of washing the garage floor and making it look as good as new.  

No matter what you have ahead of you, there are ways to make spring cleaning more enjoyable.  I listen to podcasts and that occupies my mind while I’m doing mindless work.  Maybe listening to music or watching videos is your thing – whatever works!  If you’re not up for that, find a friend to help (or a spouse or the kids…whoever you can find).  You’ll find things to talk about and will be able to reconnect, all while you’re getting your house ready for summer!  

Once your cleaning is all done, you’ll be ready to enjoy warmer weather outdoors and you’ll be able to watch the spring flowers bloom from your clean and beautiful home!  

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