Building a home can be both exciting and challenging, all at the same time.   I know, because my husband and I had the opportunity a few years ago to build and design our own home.  As a realtor, I had watched as others successfully (and sometimes not so successfully), built their own home.  We wanted to learn from the mistakes others had made and avoid all the pitfalls that can come up. 


But not everyone has the same experience we did!  Not everyone has been around people that have built before, and because I love you all so much, I want to help you out!  


If you’re thinking about building a home, you’ve ever wondered what goes into building a home or are currently in the process, I think I can help.  Not only that, but if you do decide you want to build…call me.  There are amazing vacant lots available at below market value, and I can help you find the perfect place to build.  


So, to begin, I thought I would share our experience of building, and then in a series of blogs, I’ll help show you all the steps that go into building your own home.  In that series, I’ll also help you avoid common mistakes other people make!  


My husband and I were so excited to build.  We looked online and found a blueprint that fit the general layout we wanted for our home.  I’ve been in many homes, so I had a good feel for what I wanted in our dream home.  It helped that my husband and I have very similar taste, so deciding what we wanted was pretty simple for us.  


Once we decided on our layout, we needed to find the perfect piece of land.  Depending on the type of home you’re building, finding the RIGHT land is important.  Say for instance you want a walk out basement?  You need a piece of property that slopes away from the basement.  For us, we knew we wanted to be near the water, but not too from town.  Luckily, we were able to find the perfect land to fit our needs and we purchased it without any issues!  


After purchasing our land, we needed to collect bids.  We contacted a few local contractors to get bids for what the build would cost.  We knew who we wanted to work with, and thankfully they were able to give us a cost that was a reasonable price!


We began building in November, and had a VERY COLD winter that year.  The builders were able to get the basement poured before the worst of the cold, but because they couldn’t be outside due to the weather, they spent most of their time working on the basement over the cold winter months.  I was amazed at the work they could get done during the cold months.  They were there, day after day in the cold and the elements building to meet our desired timeline.  When we started our home, we communicated with our builder that our goal was to be moving in on July 4, and to our amazement, they completed construction on July 3. 


As hard as we tried to see all the bumps in the road ahead of time, we did miss a couple of things that were expenses we didn’t plan on.  For one, we found out that the well on he property had rust water and we needed to install a Culligan system.  This was just a minor setback, but many times if you don’t keep your budget in mind, you can experience major setbacks by overspending on upgraded options you weren’t planning on.  


We’re so thankful.  We have an amazing and beautiful home.  We were able to avoid a ton of unexpected expenses, and we were able to see our vision become a reality!  

Keep your eyes out for my next post, because I’m going to help you figure out how you find the perfect blueprint for your home!

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