Top Four Reasons You Need a Realtor


Houses are selling fast! In case you haven’t heard, homes have been selling in this market faster than a hot knife through butter.  Offers are coming in left and right on new properties – and this means great news for people looking to sell their property. With as great as the market is, it can also be overwhelming if you’re looking to sell your home.  


When considering listing your home, it can be exciting to realize you may have offers fast on your property – but it may be confusing and overwhelming as well.  As a realtor, it is my job to help you manage all that is involved in listing your property and help you to know when the best time for you is to list!  



Reason #1– It Is A Lot of Work to Sell A Property!


Many potential sellers have no idea how much work it is to sell a property.  If you’re considering selling, you think about packing and moving costs and locating a new property, but you may not consider the amount of your time that will be consumed simply communicating with all the companies involved in selling a property.    


Realtors can be the communication buffer between you and the inspectors, appraisers, your buyer and/or buyers realtor, lenders, attorneys and title companies.  Between all of these people, on average, I have over 40 contacts throughout the sale of a property.  Not only that, but on one recent sale of a home, I sent 22 different documents to the sellers for their signature.  Imagine how much time it would take if you had to handle all of that communication on your own!  


Not only are there many people to contact in the process of selling a property, but sometimes the showing schedule can be hectic.  In the market today, I get requests for showings as soon as 30 MINUTES AFTER A PROPERTY IS LISTED. Imagine being a seller trying to continue with your job, home life, and hobbies and trying to negotiate times and schedule showings on top of it.  When you use me as your realtor, I handle all the communication for you!  


Using a Realtor creates a barrier between you and the behind-the-scenes world of selling a property. You have one point of contact – me – and I handle the rest.  With as busy as our world is today, using me to sell your home is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!  



Reason #2– Set Your Buyers at Ease


You need a realtor. So many property owners consider listing their property on their own, especially if the real estate market in your area is as hot as it is here!  However, there are so many things that a realtor does to help set buyers at ease. Not only does a Realtor have years of expertise and knowledge about buying a home, but they are an incredible buffer between buyers and sellers.  


When a property is listed for sale by owner, the owner is the person showing their property.  It creates an environment where most buyers are not comfortable being open about the property and cannot completely envision the property as their own – because the current owner of the property is there. When a realtor is showing a home, buyers have the freedom to be honest about a home.  


For example, perhaps a buyer doesn’t like the fact the basement isn’t finished on a home they’re viewing – realtors can answer any questions they may have about finishing it. Not only that, but realtors have years of past experience working with other buyers who have had the same questions, and they can draw from those experiences to offer ideas and options!  If the current owner is showing the home, the buyer may not feel comfortable communicating their question.  Having an unbiased, third party showing a property allows buyers to truly consider a property in a way they might not if the current owner is present.   



Reason #3– Realtors Handle the “Uncomfortable”


Realtors are important because they take away the uncomfortable tasks involved with selling a property, including responding to offers and handling earnest money.  


Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been selling a home and the offer that you’ve received is so low it’s not even worth consideration?  That is a situation that I see all the time as a Realtor, and it is my job to help communicate professionally between buyer and seller. It can not only be hard and uncomfortable, but it can be hard to not take offense at times to offers that are below what you would prefer as a seller.  It’s my job as your realtor to help communicate between buyers and sellers in a way that is professional but maintains your desires as a seller.  


Not only that, but when selling a property, making sure a buyer isn’t going to back out at the last minute is very important!  Without a realtor, it is an incredible amount of work to sell a property and to have a deal fall through can be devastating.  It is my job as a realtor to do all I can to help that not happen. This includes holding earnest money on a property.  Earnest money is an agreed upon amount between buyer and seller that the buyer gives to the real estate company’s trust account to hold until the sale of the property.  


Life can be hard and uncomfortable enough as it is – contact me today to let me handle the uncomfortable parts of selling your property! 



Reason #4– Forms, Forms, Forms


In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, it can be easy to miss details – especially when selling a property.  One thing that can often be missed when not working with a realtor are disclosure forms. 


Disclosure forms are so important!!  Disclosure forms help you, as the seller, avoid any legal complications in the future. Unfortunately, I have seen time and again where correct information was not disclosed due to a simple oversight by a “for sale by owner” seller and legal action was taken against that seller. I do not want that for you!  


I have over 20 years of experience in the real estate business, and it is my job as your realtor to ensure the proper forms are filled out and filed.  Don’t take the chance that you’ll miss something important. As your realtor, I have the experience and knowledge necessary to sell your property and ensure the proper forms are filled out and filed the right way!   


Contact me today if you’d like to talk about selling your property!  


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